Delta 1

My first trip to the Mississippi Delta was in November 2016.This is a picture I took on that trip. It was made in Shelby, MS, the birthplace of my father.


I had always wanted to see where my dad was from. Little did I know that I was walking directly into the epicenter of a landscape deeply imbued with mystery, memory, poetry, personal resonance, echoes of time, love, devotion, and loss: an intensely beautiful and austere environment, ideally suited for evoking vivid, gripping feelings in this observer. 

I am returning for a one week visit this July 1st through 8th. I will be based in Clarksdale and Leland, venturing out and shooting photos on large-format (8x10") and 35mm negative film, and will be working with the images during a one month residency at McDowell Colony this winter to inspire musical compositions.

As the hot summer days progress, I will post all my digital photographs from this year’s Mississippi visit on this page, in chronological order.

I hope you'll follow along!